Anne Marieken 2018

For me a great enjoy to see your way of live. When I am at La Pierre Rouge nothing seems impossible: a new career, a change of work, all options are open. That is how I get touched by your ability to create new opportunities.

Fije en Gea August 2018

“So far from home and yet a feeling of home”. We enjoyed a great relaxed week with a surprising diner and the next day breakfast  at the pool. Vive la France. Sunny days alternating with a little rain; coffee alternated with wine and driving along with swimming. We look back on a successful stay where we both slept well. But the cherry on the top of the whole thing were you both, attention, a pleasant chat and time for us. Thank you!  The stay at la Pierre Rouge was wonderful and did us well. We wish you happiness and health and so long!

Joke en Rudy July 2018

First of all we really appreciate what you guys are trying to do. It’s really a paradise  We had the best holidays ever, really! A compliment for Anton’s cooking, for the hospitality and the pleasant chats. We`ll be back! Anton is going for a smile. We leave with a big smile! Thank you so much for everything!

Paul September 2017

To me your way life is inspiring, attention to quality, care for others, focus on sustainability and biological products, the capacity to put into perspective everyday life.