Chez José

Anton and I both had very busy jobs: in fact we both had a successful career. At some point however, after a wonderful holiday in France, we decided to buy a house of our own in France. Our criteria? No neighbours, no more than a day distance from Holland, and an outdoor swimming pool. In fact it did not take us very long to find a house. And soon after we bought this beautiful house we decided to move to France to live there permanently The first few years we were very busy making it “our own home”. Just by coincidence we started to let our chambre d’hote and gite, just because the house was too big for the two of us. It turned out to be a wonderful idea, we met all sorts of nice, interesting people.

In order to integrate I decided to become a member of the municipality board, very interesting, I can assure you. But that was not all, I also decided to join the voluntary fire-brigade! You should have seen me, an office-woman now ready to extinguish a fire and helping out in the ambulance. It was a wonderful experience: you just do it, no matter what! Recently I found a new passion. Look at the pictures. I collect all sorts of brocante, curiosities and trinkets. At my place you will find lots of table-ware, vases, lamp-bases, table-linen, glass-ware as long as it fits in your car. So if you are looking for a present, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Follow your dreams just like we do! Come and enjoy a very special holiday at La Pierre Rouge